Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few of my favorite things.

Ben and I moved into our place about 2 1/2 weeks ago. After much searching we found the perfect place for us but it has been a lot of work, hence the lack of new posts.

I spent most of my day today up to my elbows in dirt planting flowers and the rest painting old frames that will eventually hang on our back patio. The back patio is a huge project but I am hoping that by next weekend it will be photo ready. When finished it will be gorgeous (it is in my head anyway). I hope it turns out at least somewhat close to the vision I have for it. Look for pictures soon.

Anyway, I told my mom I would get pictures up so here are a few of the things I am loving about the house.

1. The house numbers. Hello, are they perfect or what? They were hand made by our friend Megan, she uses reclaimed glass, and she did an awesome job. We love how they turned out and think they add something very special to the house. Megan has also made a few other things for the house that are among my favorites, some will be making an appearance in the patio photos when posted. She is incredible, check her out at tadahpdx . I see one of her marble garden balls in my future, maybe for Christmas. Ben has banned me from her house (joking of course) because I can't stop buying her stuff. I just can't help myself; everything she makes is so awesome.

2. The lilac (and my front porch flowers). The lilac is quickly becoming my favorite plant ever. It smells amazing and I find myself sitting in the living room just staring at it, it's so pretty. Today I walked around it in circles for 10 minutes just looking at it from all angles and sniffing it. My neighbors must think I'm crazy. My photography does not do it justice. It has a couple of bare spots, possibly because both Jess and I have been cutting flowers for our houses. I guess that will have to stop. They look so pretty in a vase though.

3. My new dining room table. Ben found the table in the free section on craigslist . I hate craigs list only because Ben is obsessed with it. He is constantly running around picking up cheap or free stuff but this table was a find and makes his obsession a little more bearable. It's a project (of course), we are going to be refinishing it but I just think it's so pretty even in the kind of crappy shape it's currently in. I thought I had a picture of it but I can't find it so I will post one when it's done.

I think that is all I have on the house for now. Hopefully as projects get completed I will be a more regular blogger.


Erin said...

hi sweet girl!!
boy, oregon looks gorgeous. i love your new house. are you renting or did you buy? and what's your new job?
we are getting the house ready. we are sooo ready to be out of here! the first day it was 95 i cried.
wherever we land, we hope you and ben will visit.

Daphne said...

the house is soooo cute!! i love it. hopefully it is bif enough so i can come for a visit. i can't wait to see everything else you have planned for it.
love, mom